Hummingbird Corkscrew

Be Bold Be Happy

We aim to be different. The world is already too full of ‘Ordinary Things’. We believe design should look to create something genuinely original and unique. We aim for difference in the way things LOOK, WORK and in what WE DO.

Different by Design

The Way Things Look

We want to make people smile. Part of that is about how a product looks. We want all our products to be playful and animated in their form as well as being clean and elegant in their finish.

The Way Things Work

True originality means not just changing how things look but also how they function. The Hummingbird Corkscrew works differently, screwing into the cork as the corkscrew rotates around the bottle top causing the wings to gently rise up.

The Things WE DO

We believe that creating different products comes from working differently. We know that you only really discover new things by walking a different path. There is always an element of serendipity in the search for something original and unique. We are prepared to walk a long way to get things just right.

Hummingbird development

Used corks from life test of over 3,000 corkscrew pulls.

Prototype parts from the 2000 design iterations covered in the product development and refinement.

Engineering calculations on the concealed wing pivot design.

Cork pull testing on over 200 different bottle designs.

“We are interested in the
creation of ‘Playful Ideas’ that are
beautifully engineered.”

Ghosted image showing conceled components – Key to smooth operation

Original concept ideas of hummingbird stealing wine from bottle like nectar from a flower

How to use your hummingbird corkscrew

Born of obsession

Making a product that is elegant and effortless is anything but easy. It is our obsessive attention to detail that transforms a good idea into a great product. The Hummingbird Corkscrew (the first of our ‘Helpful Friends Collection’) has very much defined our ethos and approach. For us ‘Product is King’ and should demonstrate the things you care about. The design has over a 100 detailed features which aim to make the user experience one of satisfaction and joy. For us a good product should take into account everything we SEE, HEAR and FEEL. Some of these detail features are shown below to illustrate.

Tiny fixing detail hidden inside tail and concealed when not in use

Hummingbird development

Logo revealed in use, maintaining the simplicity and clean lines when on display..

The invisible wing pivots.

Wing pivots hidden inside shoulder to keep elegant form.

High density PE bush allowing corkscrew to rotate smoothly on the top of a bottle

Hummingbird development
Metal parts float on hidden polymer springs to give dampened and smooth movement in use.
Sprung bearing hidden inside shoulder to control wing rotation

A bird in the hand: all aspects of form and how it feels in the hand considered as it transforms in use.

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